September 23, 2019


Kent Asbestos Removals have undertaken asbestos removal & abatement works for in excess of 10 years. Our team of in-house Contracts Managers are able to oversee the most complex projects in any property type and will work with client representatives in order to identify the most effective solutions. We employ a competent workforce who have experience of removing all types of Asbestos, including Non-Licensed, Notifiable Non-Licensed and Licensed materials. In addition to Asbestos Removal works, we are also able to undertake Encapsulation/Repair works, Decontamination works and Reinstatement works where required.

In order to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of our diverse client base, we currently have the following specialist teams within our Asbestos Removal Division:

Domestic Team:

Responsible for works within residential properties and for all works undertaken on behalf of our clients who operate within the Domestic/Social Housing Sectors. The site staff members that we use within the Domestic Team are specially selected based on their aptitude for dealing with Domestic Tenants, and for their ability to identify any vulnerable/high risk individuals.

Large Works/ Special Projects Team:

Members of this team are specifically selected due to their extensive experience of large scale/complex Asbestos Removal Projects. Members of this team are utilised when undertaking work on projects which are longer than 4 weeks in duration, or where any significant risks are identified.

Contracts/ Client Specific Teams:

Where we are appointed to work under a framework agreement for an individual client, we utilise a consistent team of Asbestos Removal Supervisors and Operatives in order to ensure consistency in our approach and delivery.

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